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AFCECO is busy fostering the only lasting resource a homeland has: its children. As Afghans who are helping Afghans, this family is growing. With each additional child we take in, the purveyors of hate and oppression become ever more marginalized. AFCECO’s tenets are simple: create a safe, clean, beautiful environment, and provide a dynamic education, all of this under the umbrella of tolerance and respect. In this way AFCECO is free to positively affect Afghan society, to literally transform a national tragedy into strength, to bring peace an build democracy from within.

Through CharityHelp International our child sponsorship program has maintained our operations over the years. Unfortunately, the sponsorships declined substantially in recent years as we have many children in our orphanages who are partially sponsored or who are not sponsored at all.

We need your support to continue this trajectory of hope we promise will go far to make the world a better place. Whatever you can do, no matter how small, to spread the word, help us attract sponsors for children, fundraise, direct us toward grant opportunities and otherwise expand our network of support. We are doing everything we can on our end, but we know that strength comes from diversity of support.

Full Sponsorship $234/month
Basic Need $60/month
Education $50/month
Healthcare $40/month
Housing $45/month

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AFCECO Children

Our girls were surprised to see Liz Huelin, one of beloved sponsors who had come all along the way to attend the concert at the Lancaster House in London. Zohra Orchestrate wound up their European tour by a thrilling performance in Lancaster House. ... See MoreSee Less

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