Andeisha Letter

January 2014



Dear Friends of AFCECO,

These past ten years have been the most rewarding, inspiring and fulfilling years of my life. From a desire to simply do what I could to help the children of my war torn country, this action grew, thanks to a family as wide as the world itself. During this period nearly 2000 children have passed through AFCECO’s very special orphanages, where they have grown up in a peaceful, healthy and educating environment. From having nothing to having a Learning Center, music and art programs, athletics and even journeys to far away lands, these children will take the gifts of the world into the future, they will do what is right, they will be good citizens.

Your continuing confidence in what we do at AFCECO is paramount to our existence.

I am writing you now to announce that I am planning to step down as Executive Director of AFCECO. This past year AFCECO has come up against a variety of pressures that among other things has threatened our security. The extreme elements both inside and outside government have made things difficult, and I myself have been targeted. The reason these people give for their actions is they believe I am “westernizing” the children, pulling them away from hardcore Islamic values. At the same time, I have developed health and family issues that need attention.

My stepping out of the light will allow AFCECO to continue without the attention that these extreme elements have focused on me personally. I am very concerned that if I stay much longer, there may be more harassment of the children in our care.

Right now we have a solid group of “graduates” who are now in university and are tremendously devoted to AFCECO, since they were raised in the orphanages. Who better than these young Afghans to rise up and be trained to lead AFCECO? They more than anyone in the world understand the value of AFCECO. This is the investment you have made, patiently, and now it is coming to fruition. Out of this growing pool of young leaders, we have selected some of them to be part of an Executive Team that also includes some more experienced anagers. To lead, mentor and guide this team, we are planning to hire a Director of Operations. This team elected their Team Leader. Her name is Manizha Rahimi, who is one of our leading graduates. We are pleased with this decision. In the near future, we plan to introduce her to you.

I will remain as a Chairperson and be in touch with the new Executive Team. Since AFCECO has an urgent need to raise funds to maintain our orphanages, I will be especially active in supporting their fundraising efforts.
I thank you all from the depths of my heart for everything you have done and continue to do.

Andeisha Farid

Message from Chairperson

From the moment I could open my eyes I saw my village turned to rubble by a Soviet airstrike. From the moment I could hear I listened to the screaming voices of helpless widows and orphaned children.

Our Management Team

Andeisha Farid laid down the foundation of AFCECO in 2004 and directed it to become a deep-rooted non-profit organization running orphanages and learning centers in Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakistan.

Andeisha Farid Bio

These past tAndeisha Farid is the Founder and Chairperson of Afghan Child Education and Caring Organization, AFCECO . She was born in 1983 in Afghanistan, on the day when the former Soviet jets ruined her village in to rubble and forced the entire community to leave their homeland and take refuge in Iran.
AFCECO is an Afghan non-profit organization based in Kabul running orphanages and educational centers for Afghan orphans and street children.
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