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Escaping the Taliban to Follow our Dreams

Though no longer in Afghanistan, their dreams of what they can achieve and how they can help the people of Afghanistan burn even brighter.

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On August 15, 2021, the lives of the people of Afghanistan changed forever but their dreams continue.  This is particularly true of a generation of AFCECO children who grew up to become leaders dedicated to helping their people and their country, believing in the power of education, equality across gender, races, and ethnicity, respect for diversity, and strong values of integrity, honesty and caring.  These children graduated University, became activists, mid-wives, dentists, teachers, artists, and world-renowned musicians.  Each with a purpose to give back to their country.

Because of their works, they are fleeing their homeland to ensure the safety of not only themselves but their families.  Though they have left Afghanistan they are more determined to help their countrymen by speaking out and ensuring the world does not forget the ones they left behind.  

Determined yet worried about a life without their family and friends, in a place where they do not speak the language and will have to maneuver the complexities of day-to-day life that many have never experienced.   Simple things such as how to manage a bank account, how to apply for a job, how to apply for college, and how to drive. 

This Giving Tuesday we are raising money to help with the resettlement of AFCECO evacuees, including staff, graduates, and current students, in their new country.  They will be living in the USA, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, and Pakistan.  Many are still in another country awaiting processing of their visas while those that have made it to their new country are living in refugee camps also waiting on their visas.  None knowing for sure how long they will be there or exactly where they will be going to in their new country.  Your donations will help alleviate the stress and anxiety these individuals face by providing support for::

- Passport and visa processing
- Intermediate country living expenses
- Initial housing supplies, food, and clothing
- Educational expenses
- Replacement of musical instruments destroyed when the Taliban entered Kabul

The support you have provided to these children over the years, through your donations and your letters of encouragement have helped fuel their dreams.  Though no longer in Afghanistan their dreams of what they can achieve and how they can help the people of Afghanistan burn even brighter.   Please continue to support them as they transition into their lives outside of their homeland by donating this Giving Tuesday.


“The day the Taliban entered Kabul was the worst day of my life. For days, I was in a panic thinking that I wouldn’t be able to sing again. I buried my precious violin at my aunt’s backyard in a village near Kabul city. My panic slowly began to vanish when I was called at midnight and told that I should pack up immediately. I was then told that I was going to New York. I was born again.” Sunbol Reha

At just 17 years old, Sunbol is already an extremely talented artist, singer and is the violinist of the Zohra Orchestra, Afghanistan’s first all-female orchestra. Raised in an orphanage in Kabul run by AFCECO, she quickly rose to prominence as a polymath prodigy, showing extraordinary talents in painting, drama, dance, music, and sport. However, the Taliban’s sudden takeover of Kabul this August shattered her hopes and dreams overnight. As luck would have it, she escaped the Taliban and is now on her way to New York City in the hopes of pursuing her ambitious dream of becoming a pop star.

The Story of AFCECO
Natalie Carney, a multi-media broadcast journalist from Canada spent one month in Mehan Orphanage filming daily life of children.
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