The Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO) is an Afghan non-profit organization based in Kabul and registered since 2008 with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s official registration agency. Founding Chairperson, Andeisha Farid, opened her first orphanage, or "foster haven" in 2004 in Pakistan. An Afghan native who had grown up in war and displacement, her dream was to come up with an innovative way to help vulnerable Afghan children, in this case, orphaned refugees.

This dream developed into a mission that dares to approach the problems in Afghanistan with a very simple, universally acceptable solution: what if a portion of the estimated 1.6 million orphans in Afghanistan could be raised in a new kind of orphanage, one that is inclusive, not exclusive, of the villages and provinces where the children come from? What if this new orphanage operates with the blessing of the home village? What if, aside from a liberal arts education. it offers security, teaches equality, nondiscrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, or gender, and, otherwise, nurtures in a manner very much like that of an extended family? What if the goal is not so much to save as many children from the streets as possible, but to impact a large number of them over time, creating a civilian leadership, Afghan doctors, midwives, engineers, journalists, professionals who are not going to expatriate, but who will remain in their beloved country out of a deep sense of Khawk, what all Afghans long for-their homeland’s earth beneath their feet? What if these children could learn the power of community and develop the skills to build and strengthen it on a local, national and international scale? What if they could learn that the first step to building a better society is to find one’s own voice, and then to listen and speak to others from the heart, with honesty, integrity and a dedication to the common good?

To achieve these goals requires a source of funding that is sustainable, able to weather sudden changes in world events. Fortunately, Andeisha became known to CharityHelp International (CHI), a US non-governmental organization that funds programs through a child sponsorship program. This allows individuals from around the world to form bonds with the child of their choice and participate in sustaining the orphanage by paying some or all of the cost of providing that child with her or his needs. This program alone gave Andeisha with the opportunity to create a network of friends and a means to grow. In December of 2007 Andeisha made a commitment to return to Afghanistan. Since then, AFCECO has been able to establish scores of orphanages and learning centers in Kabul and provinces serving hundreds of children.

Executive Summary

The Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO) has been one of the most positive and unique developments in Afghanistan’s war-torn landscape. For 15 years children coming from extreme poverty, displacement, and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal and equally takes care of one another, where health and education take precedence over divisions of race and language and the climate of hatred that civil war engenders. The investment by sponsors and donors over time has begun to pay off as the first generation of “graduates” now enter university while working for AFCECO. These young people are devoted to their homeland, to their people’s wellbeing, and will invariably manifest the model of their orphanage’s peace, hope and integrity into mainstream Afghan society.


AFCECO had a successful year. Fortunately, we had initiated several innovations.  With the participation of all the students, everything has gone smoothly and positively for the orphanage. The orphanage’s indoor programs were active while students regularly attended the schools outside the orphanage.

In 2019 we introduced the New Child Sponsorship campaign. We focused primarily on those areas which were under the influence of the Taliban and ISIS. We brought some of the most talented and deserving girls to come to the orphanage and now each of them has become a rising star in their schools. They also stunned the orphanage with their extraordinary talent in art, speech, and dance. The campaign was very successful. New sponsorships have increased along with monthly sponsorship revenue.

We have received grants from Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kabul for an AFCECO Music Recording Studio. We provided a small studio for our music students where they have the chance to record music and songs.

Several guests visited our orphanages and each of them been impressed by the work AFCECO has been doing for the children of Afghanistan. It was a new experience for them to see how the children are happily interacting and having useful programs that other orphanages do not have.

AFCECO Orphanages graduated five high school students and five college students this past year.  Additionally, students have regularly attended exam preparation classes and are now prepared to take the university entrance exam.  Scoring well on this exam is critical to acceptance to public universities. We thank those who worked around the clock to help these students to become future leaders.



AFCECO had the opportunity to send fourteen new children, tuition free, to one of the private schools in Kabul which has highly qualified teachers with a good strong curriculum.  After a short time, each of the children was able to read and write. They improved their skills and received very good scores on their midterm and final exams.




Connect with your Child was another successful program which we introduced in 2019. This system communication system is a vital component to our child sponsorship program and the foundation on which the future of AFCECO lies. In addition to the regular letters and photos that sponsors currently share with their child, they can now have quality video calls with the addition of our better equipment and the increase of Internet bandwidth.



Fundraisings campaign:

Donor Matching Campaign: One of our beloved sponsors offered a matching donor campaign in 2019.  As always this matching campaign was successful as we raised over the target and many of our sponsors and friends were active in this campaign. The money we raised was used to fund the orphanage's indoor programs.  We are grateful for the active support from our sponsors and friends.

Giving Tuesday Campaign: Our Giving Tuesday campaign was also successful this year. We have met our target and were able to buy warm clothes for more than 100 children living in orphanages in Kabul. Launching these types of campaigns helps meet immediate needs as well as raising awareness of our work and activities.


Orphanages activities Description


AFCECO had several small and large events in the orphanage this year. We invited many guests including representatives from various embassies, organizations, government staff, teachers, friends and families. The guests became impressed by student music, children's choir, dance, and student oral presentations.




A number of professional tutors for our orphanages were hired to provide additional tutoring to help our students meet their school’s curriculum expectations.  Our children received tuition assistance to attend private schools. Due to very limited and often flawed public curriculum. students usually face many challenges in a more challenging school’s curriculum, particularly with mathematics, Dari and English language. However, with some additional support, our students successfully meet these higher standards. 


Our children's athletic activities remained in place.  Boys have done karate and football inside the gymnasium. The girls were busy with karate, badminton, and ping pong every day.  Our open space and our large courtyard have provided an opportunity for daily exercise.  according to the orphanages schedule inside the orphanage, which has almost an open space and a better courtyard. Exercise is part of our orphanage program in ordermaintain good physical and emotional health.



Music Studio:

After continual persistence, AFCECO received funds from the Dutch Embassy for Music Recording. With this support, we were able to prepare a small, but adequate, studio to record our students' music. Fortunately, students were able to record several songs. Two of our students have been learning recording systems and will be able to use the studio in a professional way.



Art studio:

This year the painting class had a different color with the presence of beautiful children who had just arrived from distant provinces. Approximately 14 students, both boys and girls, were trained by a professional teacher. The students developed their art and creativity in just three months.



Dunya is one of the thirty new girls who joined the orphanage in April and has become a rising star in her school, scoring A+ in all subjects on her mid-term exams. She has also stunned the orphanage with her extraordinary talent in art and sport. But the life story of this 15-years old girl is all about pain and sorrow. Her drug-addicted father had made the life difficult for Dunya and her nine siblings. “We used to sleep most of the times without having dinner… and I still hear the screams of my mom when my dad was beating her.” It makes your eye swell with tears when you listen to Dunya. Dunya has a dream to become a designer and painter. She loves to sit for hours in the art room sketching her images.



Dance Studio:

This year, with the arrival of 30 new children, the dance group became wider and we were able to divide it into several groups. Atan is one of the national dances of Afghanistan where our children dance beautifully with their little hands. Ballet is a unique dance in Afghanistan and there is not any professional teacher for our children, but our girls practice on their own with the help of videos. 


AFCECO didn't have any trips in 2019, but our music students had many musical tours around the world which were managed by the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. Our music girls learned many things during their trips and presented their music on the big stage of Europe and other countries. 


In the past, we could take our children on picnics several times a year, but this year, due to security conditions, we tried to take the children out less.  This is unfortunate because picnics have provided fun and a sense of freedom for our children. 

Orphanages programs Impact

·       Orphanage programs have been in place long enough to produce measurable results relative to academic performance and abilities. The AFCECO orphanage:

·       Raises children of war zone areas of Afghanistan and provided education needed for children.

·       Provides productive programs that are directly related to their future

·       Supports art programs that have a direct impact on the development of children's creativity and the discovery of their talents.

·       Prepares girls and boys for university entrance requirements.

·       Gives equal opportunity for girls to develop their independence as a woman.


AFCECO continues to receive the generous support from out sponsors as well as grants and financial gifts from various organization.  Three decades of war have stripped Afghan children of hope and opportunities.  However, AFCECO has created a supportive, humane environment that has promoted the potential for our children to live with dignity and security. AFCECO’s programs help our children receive a quality education and develop the skills necessary to become functional, productive adults and contribute to the future of Afghanistan. We thank our donors for their sustained funding, and we will continue to be faithful to our guiding principles.