Memorial Concert


AFCECO hosted a memorial concert at the new home of Mehan Orphanage in Kabul attended by over 300 guests. The impetus for this concert was to honor the prominent Afghan musicians of 60s and 70s. This concert happened on the 40th anniversary of Ahmad Zahir, a legendary Afghanistan’s rich cultural history known for his very unique music.

Afghanistan’s culture was all but obliterated by these past four decades of war and oppression. One of the casualties of this is the loss of cultural heroes and role models for the children to dream about and emulate. Only those who have done battle are there to pose for heroes. This is one reason we celebrate other Afghans and provide our children with something other than war to envision.
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March is a month of new beginnings. In addition to March 21st being the first day of spring it is also Nowruz, what Afghan people celebrate as New Year’s. This year we had an amazing



July was an intensive month for all the children due to their studying for and taking their school exams. Midterm exams finished on Monday July 25th and most of children are

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