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Child Sponsorship
Changing Afghanistan

one child at a time

There are many ways to help needy children, but one of the most rewarding is by sponsoring a child of the AFCECO orphanages. They are from every ethnic group in Afghanistan. They have survived in the worst conditions of war for over 40 years. The lucky ones get to be housed, fed and kept safe at AFCECO. They get to be educated in an environment of respect, equality and diversity, and to grow up with people dedicated to giving them the best future possible. You can build a warm and supportive relationship with one or more of these children by writing letters to them and celebrating their birthdays, or accomplishments in school, music or art.

By educating a child, you will help change their life for the better future and it will change your life too. Sponsoring a child through AFCECO is a potent act. It is an act of caring, of joy, of interaction, of empowerment. It is an act whose benefits flow both ways. Through a simple, practical act of caring, you are making a real difference.

AFCECO funds its orphanages almost exclusively through sponsorship. This is facilitated thought its partnership with CharityHelp International, a non-profit organization located in the US. This allows for all funds to be tax deductibles.

Each child needs the Basics, but AFCECO builds a family where Education, Health Care, Safety and Transportation are each part of the support for every child. You can become a Full Sponsor of a child or just help in any way you can for as little as $39 or $40 dollars a month. All the money goes to the support of these children and is fully tax deductible.

AFCECO is an Afghan non-profit organization based in Kabul running orphanages and educational centers for Afghan orphans and street children.
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