Mahbooba Siraj

Board Member


Mahbooba Siraj is a young social entrepreneur and women’s right activist. Raised in an orphanage in Kabul run by AFCECO, Mahbooba emerged a successful woman leader with extraordinary abilities in management, program development and fundraising.

Mahbooba began working with AFCECO in 2012 when she was awarded a full scholarship to study Political Science and Public Administration at the American University of Afghanistan. Throughout her university life, she was involved in every aspect of AFCECO from managing donor relations to dealing with daily orphanage operations, particularly the music program. Mahbooba was supervising a group of 40 young musicians at AFCECO, including 23 members of Zohra Orchestra, Afghanistan's first all-female orchestra. In 2017, she led and chaperoned the Zohra Orchestra to a tour of Europe, where they performed at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Mahbooba became a close aide to Andeisha Farid, the Founder and CEO of AFCECO. They worked together raising fund for the orphanages and schools in Afghanistan. In 2011-2013, USAID and US Embassy awarded few grants to AFCECO and Mahbooba was actively involved in many of the projects. Later, she was promoted to the position of Managing Director of AFCECO.

In 2020, Mahbooba got an offer to work with the government of Afghanistan. She worked as a public private partnership specialist at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and an author at the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

Taliban’s sudden takeover of Kabul changed the life for Mahbooba. Her public face as someone helping female musicians made her a high target for the religious extremists, not only the Taliban but also for her conservative community in her hometown, Nuristan, an isolated region in northern of Afghanistan where Taliban and ISIS have heavy presence.

Our Graduates

Today, AFCECO is run by a team of graduates, and they make up almost all of the staffing of orphanages, who teach, do maintenance, payroll, communications with public, outreach and other duties. Who better to self-perpetuate the raising of a generation of professionals and leaders?

Andeisha Farid

Founder and Chairperson

Andeisha Farid is an Afghan woman who herself was raised in war after Soviet bombardment of her village. Andeisha determined to provide for the thousands of children suffering without home, family or access to education.

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