Manizha Letter

July 2016
Dear Friends of AFCECO,

Words can't express how proud and humbled I was in being given the privilege to lead a team of young AFCECO graduates when the Founder and Chairperson of AFCECO, Andeisha Farid delegated her then role of Executive Director to us two years ago, and as my term finishes here today, I am happier now than ever before to pass the baton to my fellow team member, Pashtana Rasoul as the new Executive Director of AFCECO and I will stay as a team member and her assistant. This whole change came about in a democrat way at an event participated by Andeisha Farid, all board members, AFCECO staff and the Management Team where Pashstana was elected by a majority vote. Congratulation to her!

It was indeed a big challenge and of course quite a new experience for me as a 22-years old newly university graduated girl to hold such an important position of such an honorable organization. I learnt a world of things during my tenure as Executive Director in AFCECO, far more than I learnt in university. And I owe thanks to Andeisha Farid for being my mentor, my team members and all those who helped me during this period.

Pashtana is undoubtedly the perfect choice to be our team leader. She was of the very first children to join AFCECO orphanage in 2003 and has gained a lot of things during her life in orphanage. She is highly respected in AFCECO for her commitment, passion and strong management skills. She has represented AFCECO on many international tours including trips to the US, Europe, Middle East and Turkmenistan.

Pashtana is now supported by a far better experienced team of AFCECO girls and I am sure she would excel in all departments. Mahbooba, who was graduated last month from the American University will help her on writing grants, newsletters and communicating with donors and sponsors. Similarly, we have Hajira, Setiza, Rima, Sahar, Masouda, Saeeda, Amena and many others who are the nuts and bolts of this team.

Please remember Afghan girls do it as well!

Best wishes,

Our Graduates

Today, AFCECO is run by a team of graduates, and they make up almost all of the staffing of orphanages, who teach, do maintenance, payroll, communications with public, outreach and other duties. Who better to self-perpetuate the raising of a generation of professionals and leaders?

Andeisha Farid

Founder and Chairperson

Andeisha Farid is an Afghan woman who herself was raised in war after Soviet bombardment of her village. Andeisha determined to provide for the thousands of children suffering without home, family or access to education.

Pashtana Rasoul

Executive Director

Pashtana Rasoul is the Executive Director of AFCECO as of July 2016. Pashtana came to AFCECO at 8 years of age in 2003. Prior to arriving at AFCECO, Pashtana and her younger siblings roamed the dusty streets and grimy alleyways of Peshawar city every day selling water in order to earn desperately needed money for their family based at a refugee camp in the outskirts of Peshawar city.

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