Madina Noori

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Rising from the Ashes: The Inspiring Journey of Madina Noori, Afghan Actress Defying Adversity

Madina Noori is a talented young Afghan actress who embarked on her artistic journey at an orphanage in Kabul at a tender age. Her unwavering passion for the performing arts flourished during her time at AFCECO orphanages, an organization founded by Andeisha Farid, a resilient Afghan woman who herself emerged from the crucible of a refugee camp. Within the nurturing environment of AFCECO, Madina’s exceptional talent began to blossom, captivating audiences with her inspiring performances during various events.

In 2009, Madina’s artistic growth received a profound boost when she crossed paths with Ian Pound, an American volunteer who dedicated four years of his life to the orphanage in Afghanistan, sharing his expertise in stage theater and music. Under Ian’s guidance, Madina not only flourished but also took on leading roles in dramas, showcasing her talent and passion.

Madina and other girls from the orphanage with Andeisha Farid – Kabul 2010
Madina at Mehan Orphanage – Kabul 2012

In 2010 and 2011, Madina embarked on transformative tours of the United States and Italy alongside a group of children from AFCECO orphanages. These eye-opening experiences broadened her horizons, nurturing her aspirations and fueling her artistic development.

As Madina matured, she became an integral member of the AFCECO’s orphanages art team, dedicating herself to training younger children in theater and dance. Her commitment to sharing her skills and nurturing the talents of others served as a good example for her peers.

In 2018, Madina’s passion led her to enroll in Kabul University, where she pursued a major in theater. This new chapter in her life provided an exceptional platform for her to further excel in the performing arts. Madina’s mesmerizing performances on the stages of Kabul University and beyond left audiences in awe, catching the attention of film producers and directors, ultimately leading to a remarkable opportunity.

In 2021, Madina was chosen by a Canadian director to play the leading role in the movie “The Children are Watching.” Sadly, the film’s production was abruptly disrupted by the Taliban’s rise to power, forcing the cast and crew to flee Afghanistan. In this perilous moment, through assistance of Vital Voices, Andeisha, a guiding light in Madina’s life, orchestrated an evacuation plan, enabling Madina and a select group of AFCECO female staff and artists to escape the clutches of danger in September 2021. After spending over a year in an evacuation camp in Albania, Madina eventually found her way to the vibrant city of New York in March 2023, determined to rebuild her life, pursue her acting career, and leave an indelible mark on the world of film and theater.

As a newly arrived refugee, the 23-year-old Madina found herself navigating the unfamiliar streets of Manhattan, embracing new challenges and opportunities. Undeterred by the obstacles she faced, Madina exudes strength, resilience, and unwavering determination, inspiring other young Afghan refugees to believe in pursuing their dreams and recognize the power of their talents. She fearlessly explores every avenue to make a living, while also seeking opportunities to continue her education and secure acting roles in the film industry. Moreover, she wholeheartedly engages with AFCECO, communicating with sponsors on behalf of the vulnerable Afghan girls sheltered within the warm embrace of AFCECO’s safehouse. Madina serves as a shining example of the triumph of the human spirit, proving that amidst adversity, one can rise above and shine brightly, becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.