Pashtana Rasol

Director of Developent

In the midst of Peshawar’s bustling bus stations, a young girl named Pashtana Rasoul once lived at a refugee camp in Pakistan, refugees in a land that offered little comfort or hope.. However, fate intervened in 2003, transforming Pashtana’s world as she entered the gates of an AFCECO orphanage, a place where her potential would be nurtured.

The oppressive presence of the Taliban cast a shadow over Pashtana’s conservative Pashtun tribe in eastern Afghanistan, where girls were viewed as weak entities meant to serve men. Yet, within the walls of the AFCECO orphanage, Pashtana learned a different lesson. Here, she was not just a weak entity; she was a student, a dreamer, and eventually, a leader.

Over two decades, Pashtana learned every lesson, every value that AFCECO stood for, letting them shape her worldview and fuel her aspirations. By 2016, her profound transformation and leadership qualities were recognized by her peers, electing her as AFCECO’s new Executive Director. In this role, she not only led with vision but also expanded the organization’s impact, bringing hope and opportunity to countless more children in need.

In 2021, Pashtana passed the torch to another AFCECO alumna, Mahbooba Siraj, yet her dedication to the organization’s mission remained unwavering. As an active member of the leadership team, she continued to make significant contributions, focusing on grant writing and overseeing the safehouses in Kabul.

With time, Pashtana emerged as a symbol of defiance against patriarchal and misogynist norms. Her steadfast belief in gender equality and her tireless advocacy for women’s rights inspired many within her community. Her influence was profound and personal; it not only changed minds but also steered lives towards the sanctuary of AFCECO, where education became their pathway to empowerment.

Pashtana’s extraordinary journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact of AFCECO’s educational philosophy on girls, empowering them to overcome adversity and strive towards a brighter future.