A New Vision for Afghanistan’s Next Generation

AFCECO vision extends far beyond traditional childcare. Our safehouses, previously orphanages, are not just shelters providing basic necessities for impoverished children; they are more enlightenment enclaves where the next generation of Afghan citizens are raised intellectually and morally, providing an environment distinct from their homes, schools, or surroundings. Here, we teach the values of diversity, freedom of thought, and uphold principles of justice, democracy, and gender equality. Our values are not hollow platitudes; they are the bedrock upon which our educational philosophy is built.

Understanding the genesis of AFCECO’s unique educational approach requires examining Afghanistan’s tumultuous history spanning the past five decades. From the Soviet invasion to the rise of Jehadi warlords and drug cartels, the nation has endured continuous warfare, ethnic tensions, poverty, and corrupt regimes fueled by extreme political ideologies, both left and right, deeply impacting its people. Particularly, women and girls have faced systemic oppression and egregious human rights violations under the shadow of extremist ideology.

In the face of such adversity, particularly within an environment shaped by the misogynistic ideology of Islamic fundamentalism and entrenched in centuries-old medieval customs, AFCECO emerged as a counterforce, rejecting prevailing norms and envisioning a new paradigm for Afghan youth. We firmly believe that students will not receive such education in conventional schools in Afghanistan, where they are subjected to extreme and radical ideologies.

At AFCECO, education empowers individuals to think critically, question authority, and challenge societal norms. We encourage children to explore their beliefs and ideas without fear of reprisal. Respecting all religions while staunchly opposing the coercion or exploitation of religious beliefs, gender discrimination is vehemently rejected. Girls are empowered to realize their full potential, instilling a sense of responsibility towards their communities and the world at large.

In our safehouses, back then orphanages, AFCECO teaches:

  • Embrace diversity and recognize that every individual is unique, with their own thoughts and beliefs.
    Uphold justice, democracy and freedom of thought, acknowledging that no human being is superior to any other because of wealth, color, language, race, location or religion.
  • Emphasize the importance of listening to others’ ideas, respecting teamwork, and working towards common goals.
  • Respect all religions, understanding that faith is a private matter and should not be coerced or exploited.
  • Reject gender discrimination and advocate for equal opportunities for all genders. AFCECO vehemently opposes misogynistic practices such as forced marriage, bride selling, honor killings, strict dress codes, and gender-based education and employment bans.
  • Value the sanctity of life and strive to implement this principle in everyday actions.
    Advocate for environmental conservation, understanding that peace is intricately linked with the preservation of our planet and its biodiversity.
  • Promote the idea that planet earth belongs to all human beings, regardless of location, and everyone must work to make it a better place to live.
  • Make peace a priority over conflict and promote peace by learning other countries’ cultures, and learn that living in peace and harmony is the only right way for human beings.

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