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Empower a Girl’s Education

Your gift, including school supplies and electronic devices for an girl in our safehouses, or a solar power system, are crucial to maintaining our safehouse operations. This support enables uninterrupted education for our girls.

  • Solar Power
    Help us provide a solar power system for an AFCECO safehouse in Afghanistan. With two solar panels, a battery, and a smart inverter, these girls will have the necessary power to attend online classes and continue their education in a secure setting. Your one-time gift can make a significant impact on their lives and future opportunities. Join us in making a difference and ensuring these girls have the resources they need to succeed.
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  • School Supplies
    Your one-time donation will allow us to purchase essential school supplies for an Afghan girl residing in our safehouse. These supplies, including backpacks, stationery, books, notebooks, and other necessary items, will ensure that she has the essential supplies she needs to continue her education and thrive in a safe and supportive environment. Your support will directly contribute to her academic success and future opportunities.
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  • Laptop or Tablet
    Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets are essential tools that can empower Afghan girls to connect with the world and access education through AFCECO’s remote learning programs. By buying a laptop for an Afghan girl, you help her defy the ban imposed by the Taliban on her education and ensure she has the resources they need to thrive and succeed.
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Support a Striving Widow

Your gift can be a tool for a widow battling to support for her family under the Taliban’s restrictive regime. With your gift, you can empower her to create a sustainable income, ensuring she can secure the well-being and future of her children

  • Sewing Machine
    Your generous gift of a purchasing a sewing machine for an Afghan widow will empower her to establish a sustainable living by setting up a tailoring business within her home. This enables her to generate income independently, and be safe from severe restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women working outside. This assistance enables women to send their children to school rather than having them enter the workforce as child laborers.
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  • Food Package
    The severe poverty and stringent restrictions enforced by the Taliban have rendered the lives of Afghan women, especially widows, exceedingly difficult. A $400 food package, containing staples such as flour, cooking oil, rice, and other necessities, can sustain an average family for a three-month period. This assistance enables women to send their children to school rather than having them enter the workforce as child laborers.
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  • Dairy Goats
    In Afghanistan’s villages, where 80% of the population live, raising livestock like dairy goats are the main sources of income. Gifting a rural woman with four dairy goats empowers her to create and sell dairy products in local market. Your generous gift establishes a sustainable way of life for her family but also frees her children from the bonds of child labor, allowing them the chance to attend school.
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